We offer services of bending of sheets up to 3100 mm whide, using bending brakes with CNC control, with pressure of up to 150 tons.

Thanks to our technology of bending sheets we can guarantee:

  • elements of the highest quality through the use of the most modern CNC bending brakes with pressure up to 150 tons
  • any number of units
  • 100% repeatability of shapes
  • excellent quality thanks to experience of press operators
  • constant engineering supervision
  • use of modern programming and digital control
  • maximum length of bent element up to 3100 mm
  • realization of orders in the shortest time possible thanks to modern methods of production planning

Our machines:

Numerically controlled bending brakes

  • with bending line length of 3100 mm and pressure of 150 t
  • with bending line length of 2600 mm and pressure of 80 t